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    TEVO OY | 2013

TEVO Oy is a privately owned limited company specialising in industrial machinery and equipment. We perform demanding mismatched welds, sheet work, machining and large assembly work. We serve the steel, pulp and paper, chemicals, offshore and shipbuilding industries.

The TEVO LOKOMO Oy steel and bronze foundries manufacture demanding solutions for the shipbuilding, offshore, mining, steel and energy industries with more than 100 years of experience.

We employ comprehensive and versatile machinery for machining. We provide turnkey solutions.

TEVO Oy is the parent company of TEVO LOKOMO Oy. TEVO Oy is a partner in export enterprise SteelDone Group Oy.

Group structure

We offer extensive services for various industries. Doing business with us is effortless and we are able to serve you with agility.