The first VODC vacuum steels in the world were manufactured in our steel foundry in 1982. Vacuum-refined steels carry our Vaculok® brand.


Our vacuum-treated steels are known for their excellent weldability and machinability. Vacuum treatment can be used to achieve castings of exceptional quality with a very low content of impurities.

Get the competitive edge — with our steel

Ensuring the internal quality of large castings is paramount when you are looking for reliable and durable solutions. Vacuum-treatment produces steel grades that cannot be manufactured in any other way.

Our high-quality molten steel is your competitive edge.

Vaculok® steel grades

• Martensitic stainless steels
• Austenitic stainless steels
• Duplex steels
• Heat-resistant steels
• HSLA (quenched and tempered) steels
• Wear-resistant austenitic Mn-steels
• C and C-Mn steels

Steel Grades

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